PZ2-128, PZ2-256 preamplifiers show up as PZ2-64 in RZ2 LCD display

Tech Note: TN0243
Product: PZ2, RZ2
Version: All
Date Added: 2007-02-28


The PZ2-128 and PZ2-256 model preamplifiers will show up as PZ2-64 in the RZ2 front panel LED display if there is not a signal source connected to the first connector in the extended channel range. This issue effects the RZ2 display only, not the actual acquisition of signals.


To display the preamplifier correctly, make sure a signal source is connected to the first channels not available on the lower model number PZ2. For example, a PZ2-128 will show up as a PZ2-64 unless there is a signal source connected to the connector labeled 65-80.