Invalid Store names cause filtering errors

Tech Note: TN0239
Product: OpenEx
Version: All
Date Added: 2007-02-14


Store names must not start with any of the following characters:

character description
- hyphen
= equal sign
( open parenthesis
) close parenthesis
< less than symbol
> greater than symbol
! exclamation point
a space
0-9 Any numeric characters

In OpenExplorer, this will generate an error message:

  • Unable to set cell filter.

  • TTank server Error.

  • Server Call: SetQueryCondition

  • Error:Invalid filter format

With OpenDeveloper TTankX, the following command is none to fail under these conditions:

  • SetFilterArray will return 0.


There are likely other filtering type commands that will fail or not work properly.


Always use letters a-z and A-Z for the first character of Store names.