Build RCO is grayed out in RPvdsEx v60 and greater

Tech Note: TN0226
Product: RPvdsEx
Version: > 59
Date Added: 2006-10-27


By default, RPvdsEx v60 and greater uses an RCX combined file format instead of the legacy two file system (RPX, RCO). The RCX file format contains both the graphical circuit representation and the control object information. With this preferred file format, the separate control file is no longer needed and the Build RCO button is intentionally grayed out. The RCX file can be opened in RPvdsEx to view or edit the circuit and can also be loaded to a device in the same manner as an RCO file.

To revert to the legacy RPX/RCO file system:

  1. On the Edit menu, click Preferences.

  2. Clear the Embed RCO object file check box.

  3. Click OK.

After performing this step, the Build RCO button is enabled and RCO files can be created as before.