HV250 vs NC48 features

Tech Note: TN0223
Product: HV250, NC48
Version: All
Date Added: 2006-10-11


TDT often recommends the NC48 due to its longer battery life. Investigators who use silicon probes, such as the NeuroNexus probes, find that the impedances of the probes drop in the range of 100 kOhms when the probes are activated for stimulation. As a result, a compliance voltage of ±24 Volts work fine in most cases.

Spec HV250 NC48
Battery life 130 mAmp (27 hr continuous stimulation) 1000 mA (240 hr of continuous stimulation)
Rechargeable No Yes
Compliance Voltage ±135 V ±24 V
Max impedance for 100 uA stim 1 MOhm 200 kOhm
Usable in 1 mA mode No Yes

If you have an HV250 battery pack and think you might benefit from switching to the NC48, contact TDT for more information.