Using RZ processors, BioAmp input appears clipped or larger than expected

Tech Note: TN0217
Product: RZ2, RZ5, RA16PA, RA4PA
Version: All
Date Added: 2006-09-19


When using the RZ2 or RZ5 processor BioAmp input from the Legacy Medusa PreAmps will appear too large or clipped unless a scale factor is applied.


The Legacy Amp, RA16PA/RA4PA inputs must be scaled by a factor of .000833 The RZ Input Macro applies the appropriate scale factors automatically. However, if the macro is not used in the circuit, the user must use Scale Add or MCScale to ensure the scale factor is applied.


Use the RZ2_Input_MC macro for RZ2 or RZ5_AmpIn and RZ5_AmpIn_MC macros for the RZ5.