zBusSync always returns zero when using USB2, Gigabit, or Optibit interfaces

Tech Note: TN0206
Product: ActiveX
Version: All
Date Added: 2006-05-21


The zBusSync command has no effect and returns a zero when used with a USB 2.0 (UZ2/UB2), Gigabit (FI5/PI5) or Optibit (PO5/FO5) interface.

The zBusSync ActiveX Command is used for synchronizing caddies with USB1.1 (UZ1/UZ4) interfaces and should not be used with other types of interfaces. The Optibit and Gigabit interfaces are automatically phase locked to a single clock and the USB 2.0 interface is automatically synchronized when the Sync line is used. For more information on these interfaces see the System 3 Manual.