Hardware conflict with PI5 or PO5 PCI card

Tech Note: TN0204
Product: PI5, PO5
Version: All
Date Added: 2006-02-27


After installing the Gigabit or Optibit PCI card in your computer, there may be a conflict with how the PC communicates with the card and other devices in the system.

This could lead to the following error message when performing a transfer test in zBUSmon: "System Test Error: Cycle power on system and test again".


Check the hardware settings for the PCI card in the Windows Device Manager. Locate the "Jungo" card and check the Properties. Under the Resources tab, check the Setting of the Resource Type IRQ (Win XP) or Interrupt Request (Win 2000). On some PCs this number may be shared with another device, such as a USB Host Controller.

If you experience system problems and find the IRQ number to be the same on another device, then you should move the PI5 or PO5 card to another PCI slot in your machine. You will be required to go through the Windows Found New Hardware Wizard again to assign the card drivers properly. This should change the IRQ setting for the TDT card, eliminating the previous conflict.


The PI5 or PO5 card needs to be installed into a (PCI v 2.2 or greater) compliant 3.3 V slot, and not in a PCI-X or PCI Express slot.