Recorded signals appear noisy when using 100 kHz sample rate in BioSigRP

Tech Note: TN0200
Product: BioSigRP
Version: All
Date Added: 2005-11-07


When using the continuous 100 kHz sample rate RCO (ConRec100Kx1.rco), the recorded signal appears to be very noisy.


The noise associated with the continuous 100 kHz sample rate RCO file is related to high cycle usage. There are four workarounds:

  1. Use this RCO circuit which reduces cycle usage but will not drop the first 4 averages.

  2. Continue to use the continuous 100 kHz sample rate but leave the MultiView plot (top center) on the stimulus view. The recorded signal will only appear noisy when viewing the other plots (Raw A/D Input, Freq etc).

  3. Switch to a lower sample rate, such as 50 kHz, if possible.

  4. Consider upgrading to a high-performance multiprocessor such as the RZ6. These devices are not constrained by cycle usage limitations at 100 kHz or 200 kHz.