Problems connecting to TTankEngine to access tank data from a network computer

Tech Note: TN0194
Product: OpenEx, OpenExplorer, OpenDeveloper
Version: All
Date Added: 2005-08-25


Security settings need to be modified on both the server and client computers if the user desires simultaneous access to a data tank from more than one computer. See


If it is necessary to access a data tank across a network, you can map the networked PC's hard drive or folder to a 'drive' letter on the local PC. After the drive is mapped and the tank is registered on the local PC, you will be able to access the data as if it were stored on the local PC.

To map network drives on your computer, go to My Computer and select Map Network Drive from the Tools menu. A dialog will help you connect to a shared network folder and assign a drive letter to the connection.


When using OpenDeveloper to initiate a connection to a tank server using the TTankX handle, the ServerName argument for the ConnectServer call should be 'Local'.