RP2.1 DACs and ADCs will not function with v59b microcode

Tech Note: TN0189
Product: TDT Drivers, RP2.1
Version: 59b release 44 (before 08/02/2005)
Date Added: 2005-06-22


Installing TDT Drivers v59b release 4 (downloaded before 08/02/2005) and updating the microcode on an RP2.1 causes the DACs and ADCs to lose functionality. The RP2.1 will display properly in zBUSmon and it will load and run circuits, however no analog signal will appear on the outputs and no analog signal will be converted on the inputs.


As of 8/02/2005, the downloadable file TDT Drivers/RPvds v59b - release 4, available on the Downloads page, contains version 58 microcode for the RP2.1 module, which resolves the problem. If you are experiencing the problem, download the latest version of TDT Drivers/RPvds v59b - release 4, install the drivers, and reprogram the microcode on your RP2.1.