Unable to register or unregister tanks in Tank Monitor/Debugger or OpenEx data storage interfaces

Tech Note: TN0176
Product: OpenEx
Version: All
Date Added: 2005-05-06


In version 2 and above, users that do not have administrator privileges will not be able to register or unregister tanks in TankMon, the Data Storage dialog (OpenWorkbench), the Tank Navigator pane (OpenScope) or the Select Tank dialog (OpenBrowser). These OpenEx operations modify the registry on your Local Machine (that is, the PC on which you run the application). Windows requires that users have administrator level privileges to modify the Local Machine registry.

In v 1.57 and below, a "Cannot delete tank. No error to report" or "Cannot add tank. No error to report" error message will be displayed whenever a user attempts to add or remove a tank.


Ensure that all users have administrator level access.