'Too many zHops in the circuit' error displayed when trying to compile a circuit

Tech Note: TN0136
Product: RPvdsEx
Version: All
Date Added: 2004-09-01


A "Too many zHops in the circuit" error is displayed in the messages window when trying to compile a circuit.


An RPvdsEx circuit can have a maximum of 126 zHopOuts. One zHopOut is counted for each single zHopOut and for each channel (+1) of a MCzHopOut. That is, a 16 channel MCzHopOut counts as 17 zHopOuts. So, if you have 100 single zHopOuts, then you can have one MCzHopOut with 25 channels {100 + (25+1)}, or two MCzHopOuts with 12 channels each {100 + (12+1) + (12+1)}.

If your circuit exceeds the maximum number of zHopOuts, modify the circuit to have fewer variables shared across processors. For complicated circuit modifications, contact Technical Support for assistance.