A circuit using WordOut or WordIn no longer works properly with TDT Drivers, version 57 or greater

Tech Note: TN0132
Product: RPvdsEx
Version: > 56
Date Added: 2004-08-04


In TDT Drivers version 57 and greater, the WordOut and WordIn components are implemented differently. Circuits that uses these components will no longer work correctly, if -1 is used as the bitmask.


Changes to the WordIn/WordOut were implemented to accommodate the expanded capabilities of our latest generation processors. Original devices addressed up to 16 bits of I/O with a bitmask word. Newer devices can address up to 40 bits of I/O. To make it possible to address all 40 bits, the first 8 bits in these devices are addressed as individual bits and the next 32 bits are addressed as words.


Ensure that the WordOut/WordIn uses a bitmask other than -1, then rebuild the RCO file.