'Access to path and application was denied' error message

Tech Note: TN0124
Product: PI5, FI5
Version: PI5 with serial numbers < 2000 and FI5s with serial numbers < 5000 (and marked with an Orange Dot on the Face Plate)
Date Added: 2004-04-13


On some systems using the Gigabit interface, problems with synchronizing device caddies and timing of data transfers cause large data transfers or repeated short data transfers to fail. When the failure occurs OpenEx users might see any of several error messages. The most common is:

... Trouble saving data to tank. ...TTank Server Error ... Server Call: TankError Error: Tank unable to cache events ...

Users might also see errors such as:

  • Trouble saving data to tank....

  • Trouble accessing target ...

  • Trouble reading data from device ...

However, these errors might be also be symptoms of other less serious problems, such as incorrectly defined targets.


This issue has been resolved with design improvements to the Gigabit high-speed interface. These modifications improve Gigabit stability, error checking, and overall performance and include modifications to the TDT Drivers software, the firmware on the PI5 card, and the FI5 Gigabit modules that reside in the zBus device caddies. An upgrade package including: a PI5 upgrade chip, a TDT Drivers v56 (or later) CD, and replacement FI5(s) (marked with a red dot on face plate) will be sent to customers who purchased the affected interfaces. If you are experiencing problems, contact technical support for assistance.