Communication to RP2 is in the left-hand slot is lost

Tech Note: TN0117
Product: FI5, PA5
Version: Serial numbers in the 2000s range
Date Added: 2003-01-06


Communication problems sometimes occur when setting the attenuation of a PA5 in the right-hand slot of the zBUS device caddie. This problem only occurs when using the Gigabit interface with FI5s that have serial numbers in the 2000s range. The problem may manifest in two ways. If there is another PA5 in the left-hand slot, then the attenuation value of the left PA5 sometimes gets set along with the right PA5. If an RP2 is in the left-hand slot, communication to the device is sometimes lost.


When mounting an RP2 and PA5 in a single device caddie, use a configuration where the PA5 is on the left and the RP2 is on the right. If two PA5s are used, mount them in separate device caddies.


All new FI5s have been modified to resolve this issue.