Connecting the RP2 or Stingray (RL2) to a video camera or VCR

Tech Note: TN0093
Product: RP2, RP2.1, RL2
Version: All
Date Added: 2001-03-01


This Tech Note describes how to construct a cable for connecting the RP2 or Stingray (RL2) to a video camera or VCR. This will allow you to use these devices to control recording and playback.


In the diagram below, the numbers listed under RL2 and RP2 indicate the pin numbers on the digital inputs and outputs that should be connected to the LANC connector.

The codes for controlling these devices are not published anywhere. Hobbyists have figured them out, and it may take some work to get them to work with the RP2 and RL2.

For more information on how SONY LANC™ protocol works see: