Errors occur when Windows detects the UB4

Tech Note: TN0083
Product: UB4
Version: All
Date Added: 2003-05-02


Port compatibility. The UB4 module is a USB 1.1 hub. Some newer computers now have USB 2.0 ports, which are incompatible with the UB4. Errors will occur when Windows detects the UB4 if it is plugged into a port on the computer with a USB 2.0 controller.


First, try connecting the UB4 to each of the different USB ports on the computer. In many cases, one or more of the ports will still be compatible with version 1.1 hubs. If the UB4 will not work with any of the computer's USB ports, then a USB1.1 hub PCI card can be installed in the computer and the UB4 can be connected to it instead.