Simplifying circuits with Hops

Tech Note: TN0081
Product: RPvdsEx
Version: All
Date Added: 2003-04-25


RPvdsEx circuits with lots of connecting links can be difficult to read.


HopTo and HopFrom are RPvdsEx helper components you can use to simplify your circuit designs. Use these complementary components to design complex RPvdsEx circuits without overlapping or confusing links (connection lines). This way, the final circuit appears neat and organized, and the signal path is easy to follow.

To use Hops, link a signal output to a HopTo component and give it a unique name. Then, add a HopFrom function with the same name and link it to the input of any component you want to route that signal to. You can use multiple HopFroms for a single HopTo. Any HopFrom will see the signal from the HopTo with the same name as its source.

RPvdsEx - Simplifying circuits with Hops Comparison

A circuit with no HopTo/HopFrom components is shown below:

The inclusion of HopTo/HopFrom components simplifies circuit analysis: