PCI slot requirement for the Gigabit and Optibit Interfaces

Tech Note: TN0035
Product: PI5, PO5
Version: All
Date Added: 2005-12-15


The PI5 and PO5 zBus to PC interface cards must be installed in a standard size, PCI version 2.2 compliant (that is, slots with a 3.3 Volt power supply).


While these cards have a notch for a 5 Volt slot and a notch for a 3.3 Volt slot and will plug into either, they will only work when plugged into a 3.3 Volt slot.

Do not install in a PCI-X slot—the interface might fail.

Do not attempt to install in low-profile PCI slots. While low-profile and standard PCI cards maintain the same electrical, protocols, PC signals and software drivers as standard PCI expansion cards, the low-profile bracket is not compatible with standard cards.