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Getting Started

This section will cover initial hardware and software setup. Please carefully unbox your equipment. You will have one of the following:

Description PC Interface
RZ10x Lux Processor Fiber Optic to PO5e or UZ3
RZ10x-U Lux Processor Direct USB 3.0
iX6 in an iConZ interface Direct USB 3.0
iX6 in an iCon interface DSPM in RZ Processor

Carefully follow the installation instructions in the approriate section.


* TDT drivers only function on Windows machines. Synapse will not run on Mac or Linux.


This guide focuses on the RZ10x Fiber Photometry processor and iX6 for iCon. If you are using the RZ5P or any other RZ processor, please refer to the Fiber Photometry User Guide for RZ5P Processor instead.