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Organization of the Manual

This manual presents all the basic SigGenRZ concepts necessary to build a signal. It guides you through the process of building a SigGenRZ signal and serves as a general reference tool.

The manual provides:

  • An introduction to SigGenRZ capabilities, tools, and concepts.

  • A detailed explanation of the signal design and preview process.

The manual begins with an introduction to SigGenRZ and the interface then takes you through the steps of building a stimulus file.

Chapter 1 Introduction

An introduction to the purpose and uses of SigGenRZ, SigGenRZ installation, and basic SigGenRZ concepts.

Chapter 2 Learning the Basics

Detailed information on the SigGenRZ interface.

Chapter 3 Preparing to Build a Signal - The First Step

Define signal parameters and work with variables.

Chapter 4 Signal Segments - The Building Blocks of a Signal

Define segment parameters and choose a signal generation method.

Chapter 5 Components - The Building Blocks of Segments

Define and work with components.

Chapter 6 Working with Segments

View, modify, and/or preview completed segments.

Chapter 7 Working with the Complete Signal