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The MATLAB SDK includes the SynapseLive class for reading data from the tank as it is acquired, with a several second delay. This is a Windows-only solution.

You can download the latest MATLAB SDK files here. The SynapseLive class installs into:


Example experiments and scripts can be found here:


All block data is available in MATLAB during the recording. It is in the same data structure as if you read the block offline using TDTbin2mat.

The amount of delay between when the data occurs and when it is available in MATLAB is controlled by the Tank Engine Cache Delay parameter. This is the amount of time Synapse has to save the data to disk before it's made accessible to other applications, like SynapseLive. You can change this setting in Synapse Menu > Preferences > Advanced.

The lower the delay, the sooner you can read the data into MATLAB. However, if the data rate is high or variable (for example there is a brief flood of spike activity caused by a sudden noise burst) then there is a chance that Synapse and the tank server could get too far behind. Synapse will give you data errors and stop recording if this is the case.

Consider also increasing the Data Read Limit in Synapse Menu > Preferences > Run-time Ops. This prioritizes data storage over visualization in Synapse.


Online Signal Averaging

Import strobe store gizmo data into MATLAB using SynapseLive during the experiment

Plot the average waveform

Good for Evoked Potential visualization

Online Raster PSTH

Import snippet and epoc data into MATLAB using SynapseLive while the experiment is running

Generate peri-event raster and histogram plots over all trials

Good for stim-response experiments, such as optogenetic or electrical stimulation, where you need immediate visual feedback

Online Streaming Data

Read a streaming data store into MATLAB from Tank server during a recording