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APIStreamer is a MATLAB class that reads directly from buffers on the hardware without waiting for it to go to the tank. Because it is essentially competing with Synapse for access to the hardware, it has lower bandwidth than SynapseLive, but it has much faster access.

You can download the latest MATLAB SDK files here. The APIStreamer class installs into:


Examples install into:


Release v96 of Synapse and above includes the custom gizmos that APIStreamer can read from, in the Gizmo List under Custom > TDT > API.

  1. Attach one of the APIStreamer gizmos (e.g. APIStreamMC for multi-channel signals) to your data source.

  2. Use one of the examples to read from the buffer inside the APIStream gizmo during the recording.

The data rate limit for APIStreamer is ~8 channels of 32-bit floats at ~25 kHz or the equivalent data rate (e.g. 32 channels at ~6 kHz). Beyond that we recommend a PO8e Streaming Interface card, which is a direct connection from the RZ to a separate PCI card, bypassing Synapse altogether.


Online Streaming Data

Read a stream of multi-channel data directly into Matlab using APIStreamer

Online Spectrum Analyzer

Read a single channel and plot the power spectrum over time

Good for visualization and online analysis