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TDT Online Control and Data Analysis

TDT provides several API tools for reading data as it is recorded and controlling Synapse and TDT hardware programmatically. This page provides an overview and comparison of these tools.

Synapse runs on Windows, but many of these tools can run across network or fiber optic connections to other computers with different operating systems.

Library Direction Connection Bandwidth Speed MATLAB Python Cross-Platform
SynapseAPI Read-Write PC/Network ++ +++
RZUDP Read-Write Network + +++++
SynapseLive Read-Only N/A ++++ +
APIStreamer Read-Only PC/Network ++ +++
PO8eStreaming Read-Only Fiber Optic +++++ +++++
Library Use Case
SynapseAPI Interface with Synapse while it is running. Mimic anything a user can do, and read/write parameters on hardware.
RZUDP Event-driven packets, typically spike counts, sent across network interface
SynapseLive Read all saved data directly into MATLAB through the tank server as it is recorded (6 second delay typical). Can be combined with SynapseAPI for closed-loop control.
APIStreamer Read streaming data directly from the hardware while Synapse is recording. Can be combined with SynapseAPI for closed-loop control.
PO8eStreaming Fast access to large amounts of data. Often used with RZUDP or SynapseAPI for closed-loop control.