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Troubleshooting FAQ

Ringing still present

Depending on the scanner artifact there could still be ringing in the Single Unit / LFP filters of the MRI Recording Processor gizmo after the artifact window has passed. In this case, only enable the Single Units artifact rejection and disable the built-in filters.

MRI options no filtering

Add a Neural Signal Referencer gizmo to further clean up signal after the MRI Processing gizmo, then filter and store with Neural Stream Processor gizmos. The Processing Tree looks like this:

MRI Processing Tree with Neural Signal Referencer

Note that this will work only for electrodes close to each other as the scanner artifact varies significantly between electrode channels.

Noise through filter plate

If your MRI setup has a filter plate separating the control room and MRI room, the filter plate may have additional RF filtering. Sometimes the filter plate may slightly increase noise in the image. In that case, use a waveguide if available and the TDT RF filter.

Using the PZ5 / PZA Subject Interface in the MRI room

If the distance from the scanner room to the control room is >5 meters (e.g. vertical bore magnets such as the Brukner 9.4 T) it may be necessary to leave the PZ5 / PZA in the MRI room. In that case the further the PZ is from the peak gradient lines the longer the battery life. We recommend that the guass field be less than 50 guass