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Post Processing & Data Analysis

TDTbin2mat and the MATLAB SDK

Exporting data from Synapse into MATLAB is simple with the TDT MATLAB SDK. The main importing function of the MATLAB SDK is TDTbin2mat. The main argument for TDTbin2mat is the full file path to the data block that you want to import. Synapse makes copying this file path easy via the History dialog. See the Lightning Video to see this importing sequence. You can also copy the block file path via Windows Explorer.

Link to the MATLAB SDK:

The TDT Python Package

Data can also be easily imported into Python 3 using the tdt package. If you already have Python 3 installed, you can add the tdt package in your cmd window: pip install tdt

Link to Python Package and SDK:

Release notes and select examples

MATLAB and Python Workbook Examples

TDT aims to help customers as much as possible with easy data import and analysis. We understand that not all customers have extensive MATLAB or Python experience, so we created fully-commented workbook examples that demonstrate how to do basic, but interesting operations with MATLAB or Python code. These examples are not intended to serve as a complete pipeline for your data analysis - please use wisely.

Link to MATLAB Workbook examples

Link to Python Workbook examples

If you have other scripting needs, please reach out to TDT Tech Support at

View Data in OpenScope

For a first-pass replay of data, you can view any Synapse recording in OpenScope. This also takes advantage of the Synapse History dialog. OpenScope has extra features that make jumping around the data fast and intuitive. You can also use the Video Viewer feature to replay videos with the timestamp of each frame.

Using OpenScope