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Organization of the Manual

Welcome to BioSigRZ, TDT's RZ6 compatible stimulus presentation and data acquisition package for ABR and DPOAE screening and research studies. The BioSigRZ Manual is divided into two parts.

Part 1 - BioSigRZ Quick Start

BioSigRZ Quick Start is designed to help you get up and running quickly. A tutorial is used to introduce all the basic BioSigRZ concepts necessary to present a stimulus signal and acquire data. It also provides an introduction to BioSigRZ's capabilities and features.


An introduction to the software, including features, system requirements, and hardware setup; is provided in the following section:

Quick Start Example

Most users will be able to run experiments with little or no configuration, using provided experiment files. Follow the step-by-step example for using standard configuration files.

ABR User Guide

The ABR User Guide has everything you need to run ABR experiments on your subjects. It has full hardware and software setup, subject prep and experiment walkthroughs, and common troubleshooting tasks.

DPOAE User Guide

The DPOAE User Guide has everything you need to run DPOAE experiments on your subjects.

Part 2 - Reference Guide

Part 2 of this manual contains a reference guide to the workspace, experiment configuration, data acquisition, and data analysis. The four general components of the software are listed below along with their associated chapter.

Workspace Basics - the workspace, menus, and toolbars

Configuration - stimulus and acquisition set-up

Data Acquisition - presenting stimulus and acquiring response data

Data Analysis - using the calculator and worksheet for post analysis

Calibration - creating a custom calibration file