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Quick Start


This guide assumes you have already configured your Synapse rig with your Subject Interface hardware. See this tutorial for more information.

You can download any template experiment and import it into Synapse to begin using it. See this Lightning Video for a quick demonstration.

Understanding Stim Info

This quick start guide uses the Single Channel Across Four Boards (5 mA or ±15 V) template experiment to show features of the IZV and Electrical Stim Driver gizmos and how to interpret what you see.

Experiment 4BankOutputRange Download Experiment
Objective Use a simple setup to stimulate on a single channel across
four boards in current mode or voltage mode. This template will also
help to understand output ranges, epoc storage of stimulus information,
and the IZV10 monitor output.

Understanding Output Ranges

In Normal Mode, when using a single sub stimulator with multiple boards, the user must address channels within a range of {16 * NBoards}. In the case of 4 boards, the output range is 64. Thus, to address channel 1 on board 1 - 4, the stimulus channel numbers would be '1', '17', '33', and '49', respectively.

Saving Stimulus Information

The user can save information (Period, Count, Amplitude, Duration, Delay, Channel) of any eStimDriver Voice by enabling the appropriate 'Epoc' storage options in the eStim parameter table (highlighted in blue box to right). This will store the values of select parameters on each stimulation request. The output will be timestamped with the onset and offset of your stimulation output (see runtime figure below).

Regarding the IZV10 Monitor Output

Observe the 'MonA' output channels in the runtime figure below. Only 1, 5, 9, and 13 have active signals on them, despite having stimulated on channels 1, 17, 39, 42, 64. This is because the IZV10 monitor looks at the 4 Voice monitor streams per board and we are only using 1 Voice.

ChanA Stim
MonA Monitor
Bank Voice
1 - 16 1 A 1
17 - 32 5 B 1
33 - 48 9 C 1
49 - 64 13 D 1

If there is more than one voice, then signals would appear on MonA sets 2 - 4, 6 - 8, 10 - 12, or 14 - 16 depending on my which Voice is active and which Channel is targeted.