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UZ3 USB 3.0 Interface for Optibit

UZ3 Interface

UZ3 Overview

The UZ3 is a fiber optic interface to a high speed USB 3.0 port on your laptop or PC. It can connect to one or more RZ Processors. RX, RP, and PA5 devices are supported in v98 and above. BioSigRP does not support UZ3.

A USB Type C-C cable and C-A cable are included.

Part Number: UZ3 - USB 3.0 Interface

UZ3 Technical Specifications

Interface transfer rates vary by transfer type and device. See Interface Transfer Rates for more information.

The UZ3 can handle roughly 50-75% of the data rate of the PO5/PO5e card and should not be used for high channel count applications. The actual maximum rate is dependent on your PC specs.

The status LED is on by default when connected and flashes off when there is transfer activity.

UZ3 status LED


In UZ3 serial number 1021 and below, the LED is off by default and flashes on when there is activity.

Do not use with a USB 2.0 port. Use zBUSMon software to measure the transfer rate to see if you are getting high speed data transfer.

The UZ3 dimensions are 31 x 21 x 106 mm.