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SA8 Eight Channel Power Amplifier

SA8 Overview

The SA8 is an eight-channel power amplifier that delivers up to 1.5 watts of power per speaker to up to eight speakers. The unit features high channel separation with low cross talk combined with low noise and distortion. The gain for all eight channels can be set to 0, -6, -10 or -13 dB.


The SA8 Power Amp is powered via the System 3 zBus (ZB1PS). No PC interface is required.

SA8 Features


There are eight available inputs located on the DB9 connector on the front panel of the SA8.


The eight output channels are accessible via the DB25 connector and are arranged for optional direct connection to a PP16 Patch Panel. For easy wiring and connection to a wide variety of transducers, the eight outputs are duplicated on the DB25 and sufficient ground pins are provided to allow for connections requiring a single ground for all channels or paired grounds for each channel.

See Mapping SA8 Analog Outputs to PP16 Connectors for more information on easy access to SA8 output channels via the patch panel.


The gain is controlled by two toggle switches on the front panel of the SA8. The following table describes the selectable gain values.

Left Toggle Right Toggle dB Gain
Up Up 0
Up Down -6
Down Up -10
Down Down -13

SA8 Technical Specifications

Input Signal Range ±10 V peak
Power Output 5 W total into 5.5 ohm loads, split across all connected channels
Spectral Variation <0.1 dB from 50 Hz to 200 kHz
Signal/Noise 116 dB (20 Hz to 80 kHz)
THD <0.02% at 1 W from 50 Hz to 100 kHz
Noise Floor 10.5 uVrms
Input Impedance 10 kOhm
Output Impedance 2 ohms
Cross Talk <-60 dB

Analog Input Pinout

Pin Name Description Pin Name Description
1 A1 Analog Input Channels 6 A2 Analog Input Channels
2 A3 7 A4
3 A5 8 A6
4 A7 9 A8
5 GND Ground

Analog Output Pinout

Pin Name Description Pin Name Description
1 A1 Analog Output Channels 14 A2 Analog Output Channels
2 A3 (Group 1) 15 A4 (Group 1)
3 A5 16 A6
4 A7 17 A8
5 GND Ground 18 A1 Analog Output Channels
6 GND 19 A2 (Group 2)
7 GND 20 A3
8 GND 21 A4
9 GND 22 A5
10 GND 23 A6
11 GND 24 A7
12 GND 25 A8
13 GND