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SA1 Stereo Amplifier

SA1 Overview

The SA1 is a power amplifier for the zBus that delivers up to 3 watts of power to speakers. It has excellent channel separation combined with low noise and distortion. The frequency response is flat from 50 hertz to 200 kilohertz. Gain can be varied over a 27 dB range in 3 dB increments.


The SA1 Stereo Amplifier is powered via the System 3 zBus (ZB1PS). No PC interface is required.

SA1 Features


There are two inputs (±10 V maximum) that connect through BNC's labeled IN-1 and IN-2.


The outputs are two (OUT-1 and OUT-2) BNC connectors.


A single GAIN knob provides control over the signal output level in 3 dB steps from 0 to -27 dB. It attenuates both output channels.

Ganged Output Mode

A ganged output mode gives 6 dB of additional gain when connected to a speaker. Split the signal to the input; send one to the IN-1 and the other to IN-2. Take the outputs from OUT-1 and OUT-2 and combine them to boost the gain.

SA1 Technical Specifications

Input Signal Range ±10 Vpeak
Power Output 1.5 W/channel into 5.5 ohm, 4 W with ganged output
Spectral Variation <0.1 dB from 50 Hz to 200 kHz
Signal/Noise 116 dB (20 Hz to 80 kHz)
THD <0.02% at 1 Watt from 50 Hz to 100 kHz
Noise Floor 10.5 uVrms
Input Impedance 10 kOhm
Output Impedance 0.6 ohm, 0.3 ohm ganged