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MS2 Monitor Speaker

MS2 Overview

The MS2 Monitor Speaker is used as an audio monitor for signals up to ±10 V. The MS2 output level is controlled manually using a 1-turn potentiometer on the front panel interface. Maximum output is greater than 90 dB SPL at 10 cm. The frequency response ranges from 300 Hz to 20 kHz. A typical use of the MS2 is for audio monitoring of electrophysiological potentials.


The MS2 Monitor Speaker is powered via the System 3 zBus (ZB1PS). No PC interface is required.

MS2 Features

Manual control is via a single LEVEL knob, which provides control over the signal output level. The MS2 has one input channel for signals up to ±10 V, accessed through a front panel BNC connector

The MS2 is useful for monitoring the output signal that may be going to headphones in a soundproof room and for monitoring physiological signals that are being acquired, such as neurophysiology recordings.

MS2 Technical Specifications

Input Signal Range ±10 V peak
Max Output >90 dB SPL at 10 cm
Input Impedance 10 kOhms