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ZIF-Clip® Based Electrodes

Reliably Delivering the Arrays You Depend On

All Electrodes made to user specifications, we build custom configurations up to 64 channels with our ZIF-Clip® arrays.  TDT employs laser cut manufacturing for custom array lengths.  Each wire is individually cut to length, so you can specify an array profile that matches the geometry of your target tissue.


TDT microwires are made with polyimide-insulated tungsten for excellent recording characteristics and easy insertion.   The notched ZIF-Clip® connector ensures correct insertion into the headstage.

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Research Applications

  • Chronic recordings in awake, behaving animals
  • Recording from tissue slices


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ACO32 Commutator

A 32 channel active commutator with built-in support for neural recording and optogenetic stimulation.

ZIF-Clip® Headstages

Our patented ZIF-Clip® system ensures quick, easy headstage connection with almost no insertion force.

PZ5 NeuroDigitizer

Capture any potential and artifact without clipping with TDT's multi-modal PZ5.

ZIF-Clip® Based Microwire Arrays:

A Patented TDT Technology

Choose from a variety of options when building your TDT ZIF® array:


  • Optional aluminum shroud for increased durability.
  • Optional epoxy “land” near the recording end of the array maintains electrode spacing.
  • Optional laser sharpened tips to minimize tissue damage during insertion.
  • New optional 26 mm ribbon for flexible land-type applications. Available with separated or attached electrode sites.

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