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UZ3 - USB 3.0 Optibit Interface

TDT Fiber Optic to USB Interface

The UZ3 provides a high speed, fiber optic connection to TDT processors and other System 3 devices through a standard USB 3.0 port.  An alternative to the TDT desktop PCI interface card (PO5e), the UZ3 is perfect for use with a laptop in research applications where portability is important.


The UZ3 is a small, lightweight interface that draws power directly from the USB 3.0 bus; no external power supply is required.  It offers the same high speed, real-time control of TDT System 3 equipment as our line of PC interface cards.


Use the UZ3 as your primary TDT equipment interface if you intend to control your research from a laptop.  Or easily add a UZ3 if you would like to extend the functionality of your existing rig by carting it to different experimental environments.



UZ3 User Manual >

  • Any application where laptop connectivity or portability is desired

Research Applications

RZ2 BioAmp Processor

Process and filter acquired signals while controlling digital I/O and/or generating analog signals.

WS-8 Workstation

Custom built with rapid system booting, removable data storage and an exceptional graphics card.

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