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TDT Training Workshop:

Advanced Techniques in Synapse

Synapse Makes it Easy.

Through this workshop, you will learn advanced Synapse techniques to fully utilize TDT’s powerful S3 hardware. Join TDT Founder and President, Tim Tucker, along with TDT Synapse developers as they instruct you on the more intricate capabilities of Synapse. Learn first-hand how Synapse streamlines your data collection.


Within the Synapse platform, users can record, stimulate, process, and store data, all in real-time. User-friendly Gizmos encode complex neurophysiology processing tasks into a single drag-and drop user interface. The TDT design allows for easy incorporation of fiber photometry, behavioral setups, auditory responses, and more. By the end of this workshop, attendees will know how to setup a project and integrate complex experimental parameters in Synapse. We look forward to showing you the Synapse Difference.

"There's a great team working at TDT, and the Synapse workshop was a very well spent couple of days."


Dr. Neil Ingham

King's College London

"I am very high on the ease of adoption and the flexibility of Synapse"


Dr. Ramnarayan Ramachandran

Vanderbilt University

Work smarter, not harder - Synapse makes it easy!

*Spaces per workshop are limited enrollment

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Hands-on Experience with the Experts.

Our workshops include a mix of project demos, hands-on activities, and challenging problem-solving sessions. By the end of Day One, attendees will be running their own closed-loop experiments through Synapse with TDT Lab Rat system directly from their own laptops.


With the portability of the Lab Rat and Synapse, teaching neuroscience experiment design and signal processing techniques in Synapse is a fully immersive experience.

“My impression is that Synapse is TDT’s successful attempt at striking a balance between “plug‐n‐play” neurophysiology and the power of the legacy components under its “hood”.


Neuroscientists are no longer required to learn TDT’s graphical programming language (or script in third party software) to design complex, closed‐loop paradigms; many experimental designs can be implemented with the growing list of “gizmos” provided in the program.  Should the need arise to do something not supported, you can drop into RPvdsEx to design your own custom “gizmo” and load it into Synapse.  I look forward to seeing how future versions of Synapse evolve as the community of TDT users help shape its evolution.”


Brian Harvey

Biogen Idec


  • Learn from Synapse experts as you work through different neuroscience experiments and maximize the capabilities of the TDT System 3 Hardware.
  • Experience the full breadth and depth of what Synapse can do.
  • Build customized closed-loop neuroscience experiments using and combining Synapse Gizmos.
  • Receive hands-on experience with Synapse using TDT’s newest portable system, the Lab Rat.
  • Bring your own content and get your questions answered with our team during break-away sessions.
  • Connect and collaborate with other neuroscientists and researchers with expertise in auditory neuroscience, electrophysiology, optogenetics, and neural interfaces.

Why Should You Attend?

Grad Students, Post-docs, and investigators of all levels who want to learn best practices for using their TDT system.


Who Should Register?

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