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ZIF-Clip® Microdrive

Get the Best Data Yield and Increase Experiment Longevity  from your Chronic Recordings.

The precision and advantages of microdrives can now be combined with our easy to connect/disconnect TDT ZIF-Clip® headstages. The TDT Electrode Microdrive systems are available in custom configurations up to 32 channels.  The TDT Microdrive allows high resolution movement of the electrodes, guarantees a fixed and stable implantation that is comfortable for the animal.


The ability to move the electrodes post-surgery greatly extends the life of the implant.  Moving the electrode can reverse the loss of single unit recordings and gives you the ability to correct position or even target new areas post-surgery.


Find new sensory regions in barrel cortex, new frequency tuning curves in auditory cortex, or new spatial regions in hippocampus after implantation.


- Microdrives comes with surgical implantation documentation.

- TDT microwires are made with polyimide-insulated tungsten for excellent recording characteristics and easy insertion.


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Research Applications

      Chronic recordings in awake

      behaving animals


      Extended recordings lasting

      months or longer

The TDT ZIF-Clip® Microdrive was developed in Partnership with Scuola Internazionale Superiore di Studi Avanzati.


ACO32 Commutator

A motorized commutator with built-in support for neural recording and optogenetic stimulation.

IZ2 Stimulator

The perfect system for closed loop stimulus control, sending monophasic and biphasic pulses as well as arbitrary waveforms.

RV2 Video Tracker

Capture digital video recording and real-time tracking with the RV2.

Other Advantages of the TDT Electrode Microdrive

Lightweight & Compact Microdrive Design


  • Extremely lightweight and compact microdrive design
    • Total size = 19 mm diameter x 19 mm diameter (30 mm height w/ protective cap in place)


  • Comes pre-assembled with electrode & ready for surgical implantation
    • Available in 16 and 32 channel versions for either central or lateral surgical approaches
    • Higher channel count models coming soon!


  • Advance & retract electrodes through up to 10 mm of neural tissue
    • Change electrode depth in 50-100 µm increments via set screw


  • ZIF-clip for easy headstage attachment and removal


  • Protective cap secures electrode between recording sessions


  • Two cleaning ports for saline and/or antibiotic lavage





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