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Sophisticated Software for Optimized Research

The Market's Most Advanced Software

Streamlined user interfaces that simplify system setup and ensure quick data collection.  Behind the scenes, TDT's visual design software gives every system the tools for customization and real-time processing.

Neurophysiology Software

Synapse: Neurophysiology Software

Synapse introduces the next generation of real-time software and hardware integration for of large-scale neural networks studies.

Synapse Software >

Synapse Training Videos >

A user extensible software platform that taps into the speed, flexibility and real-time control of TDT hardware.

OpenEx Software>

Visual Design Software


Simple and powerful tools for writing custom applications for System 3 hardware.

ActiveX Software>

Evoked Potentials Software


An easy to use tool designed for rapid animal screening.

BioSigRZ Software>

Psychoacoustics Software


Clinically inspired design for on target psychophysical experiments.

SykofizX Software>

Other TDT System Software

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