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S-BOX Amplifier Input Splitter

Rapid & Efficient Signal Routing

The S-BOX is a 32-channel passive signal splitter for use with our PZ amplifiers. The splitter provides ease of routing low impedance biological signals to both a TDT acquisition system and a parallel recording system.


Two DB26 connectors provide direct connection to a PZ amplifier and a single DB37 provides a parallel output connection. Bank letters as well as channel number ranges are labeled on all the DB26 connectors (i.e. Bank A Channels 1-8).


Research Applications

  • EEG & EMG

S-Box User Manual >

* The TDT Sbox 32 Channel Splitter is Intended for use with the PZ5 Amplifier


RZ2 BioAmp Processor

Process and filter acquired signals while controlling digital I/O and/or generating analog signals.

PZ5 NeuroDigitizer

Capture any potential and artifact without clipping with TDT's multi-modal PZ5.

RZ5D Base Processor

Harness the power of user programmable digital signal processing and an optimized communications interface.

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