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RZ5D Base Processor

The RZ5D is the perfect system for low channel count recordings of 16 to 32 channels.

The RZ5 platform features two or three ultra fast digital signal processors networked on a novel bus architecture that speeds both onboard communication and memory access.  It combines the power of user programmable digital signal processing and an optimized communications interface with support for Z-Series amplifiers, digital headstages, video trackers and our IZ2 stimulator.  With the option to expand to up to four DSPs in either configuration, harness the power of a high performance recording system at an affordable price point.


With a sampling rate of up to ~50 kHz, record high frequency signals from your PZ amplifier.  PCM analog outputs support a wide variety of signal production tasks, including control of motors and monitoring analog signals during acquisition.


Software control is implemented with circuit files developed using TDT’s RP Visual Design Studio RPvdsEx. Circuits are loaded to the processor through TDT run-time applications such as Synapse or custom applications via ActiveX controls.


The RZ5D standard configuration includes one standard DSP and two specialized DSPs, which can be used to analyze and store acquired data or to generate stimuli. Fiber optic input and output ports ensure low noise, optical isolation, and flexible system configuration.

Optimal Performance at a Minimal Price

The Processor that makes it easy to expand or completely change the functionality of your workstation

Research Applications
  • Behavioral control
  • Closed loop recording
  • Current-source density
  • Models of spinal cord injury
  • Optogenetic stimulation
  • Fiber Photometry

Integrated hardware/software research platforms.

Used with one of the PZ amplifiers, the system can provide excellent dynamic range for wide bandwidth multichannel acquisition in a compact package.


Used with the IZ2 Stimulator, the system becomes a programmable microstimulator with excellent dynamic range for wide bandwidth electrical stimulation, up to 128 channels.

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