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RZ2 BioAmp Processor

Optimized for High Throughput Recording

With a powerful data processor and real-time controller, the RZ2 is designed for high-channel count data acquisition.  The RZ2 processes and filters acquired signals and can be used to control digital I/O and/or generate analog signals.

the RZ2 Z-Series processors feature two, four or eight ultra fast digital signal processors networked on a novel bus architecture that speeds both onboard communication and memory access.  Like all RZ devices, the RZ2 Supports the QZDSP Quad Core DSP cards to expand channel counts and processing capabilities.

Faster clock speeds and enhanced processing power support high channel count acquisition at sampling rates up to ~ 50 kHz on 128 channels.

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Research Applications

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  • High channel count neurophysiology
  • Closed loop control
  • Brain machine interface
  • Epilepsy
  • Parkinson's disease

IZ2 Stimulator

Trigger the stimulator with signals from the RZ in less than a millisecond.

PZ5 NeuroDigitizer

Capture any potential and artifact without clipping with TDT's multi-modal PZ5.

ZIF-Clip® Headstages

Designed for zero insertion force connection to electrodes and adapters.

The Market's Best Neurophysiology Workstation

The RZ2 High Performance Processor is the first in TDT’s Z-Series line of ultra high performance processors and has been designed for high channel count neurophysiological recording and signal processing.


The RZ's matchless multi-DSP architecture provides:

  • Streamlined data acquisition
  • Minimized post-hoc analysis
  • Increased realizable sampling rates

Just how powerful is the TDT RZ2 with QZDSP processors?

The QZDSP Quad Card from TDT combines four of the fastest Sharc processors with a high-density FPGA into a tightly integrated DSP card that mimics a multi-core processor architecture. The innovative multi-core QZDSP offers up to a 4x performance improvement over a classic TDT RZDSP device.

• Intel Core i7 processor:

~25 GFlops per core x 4 cores = ~100 GFlops


• TDT RZ2 processor:

~100 GFlops per RZQDSP x 8 cards = ~800 GFlops

Extensible Design

Designed for adaptability, the RZ2 is user configurable.  Using RPvdsEX, TDT’s graphical design software, you can customize signal processing without writing a single line of code.  Integrate amplifiers, stimulators and video trackers in a single system, all controlled by the RZ2 to ensure synchronization of data.  The RZ2’s built-in support for the Optibit optical PC interface ensures fast and reliable data transfer from the RZ2 to your PC.  Suiting data transfer across a network to another PC, all TDT processors are built with the RZ UDP Ethernet interface.

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