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RZ UDP Interface

Fast Data Transfer To and From External Devices

The RZ Communications Interface is a standard interface built into our powerful RZ processor devices.  It includes a UDP Ethernet connection and a serial port connection, backed by full TDT technical support.


Easily transfer data to any device that communicates via serial port, such as head trackers, eye trackers, or a PC. The port is a standard 9 pin RS232 connection located on the back of the RZ.

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  • Closed loop control
  • Acquisition video tracker
  • Motion capture devices
  • Eye tracker

Research Applications

RZ2 BioAmp Processor

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Built-In Serial Port & UDP Ethernet

The UDP interface is designed to transfer up to 200 data values at low rates to or from a PC. The PC may be directly connected through a dedicated Ethernet card located elsewhere on the user’s network, or even in a remote location connected via the internet.  The UDP Ethernet interface also provides a software test application which can be used to connect to a specified UDP interface in order to send or receive packets from an RZ multi-processor device.


Web Interface for Easy Configuration

The RZ UDP Ethernet interface supports the DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration) protocol for automatic configuration of network parameters, but these parameters may also be set manually.

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