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RS4 Data Streamer

Stream up to 1024 Channels Direct to Storage

The powerful RS4 Data Streamer stores data streamed from the RZ2, our most advanced processor for high channel count data acquisition.  The RS4 allows streaming of up to 1024 16-bit channels at rates up to ~25 kHz and fewer channels at rates up to ~50 kHz.


With 4 or 8 terabytes of storage, the RS4 can be used to reliably record over several days or weeks.  Access to the RS4 storage array can be provided through a network connection, direct connection to a PC, or data transfer to a USB storage device.

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Research Applications

  • High channel count data streaming for offline analysis

RS4 User Manual >

RZ2 BioAmp Processor

Process and filter acquired signals and control digital I/O and/or generate analog signals.

ZIF-Clip® Digital Headstages

Digitize at the headstage utilizing an integrated amplifier chip to yield a low noise electrode recording interface.

PZ5 NeuroDigitizer

This next generation, digitizing amplifier functions as the front-end for TDT's popular RZ System.

The RS4 Data Streamer

Off Load Data Streaming for Improved Performance

Transferring collected data from the RZ2 to the RS4 improves real-time performance.  It is also essential for storing lossless full-bandwidth, high channel-count data for later analysis that may not be anticipated at the time of recording.  Streamed data is stored as individual channels and can be stored in different numeric formats (Short, Float, etc.). Stored data can be easily reincorporated into TDT’s data tank format for post processing.

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