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PZ5M-512 Neurological Amplifier

512 Channels.  Unprecedented Versatility.

Increase your channel count capabilities while maintaining portability.  The brand new PZ5M-512 is a multi-modal, rack mountable amplifier.  With a mains power connection, use the PZ5M-512 for your extended high channel count experiments.

Research Applications

  • Primate studies
  • Multi-modal signal integration
  • Simultaneous animal recording

PZ5M User Manual >

RZ2 BioAmp Processor

Real-time processing and programmable control of PZ5 modes and digital filtering.

ZIF-Clip® Headstages

Easily connect your implanted electrodes with TDT's zero-insertion force ZIF-Clip®  headstages.

RS4 Data Streamer

Improve real-time performance by storing data streamed from the RZ2 to the RS4.

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