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Synapse Fiber Photometry Gizmo

The Fiber Photometry gizmo is designed for easy setup and control of calcium imaging experiments

  • Each gizmo can control a bank of connected LEDs and record fluorescent response signals from photosensors and power meters
  • Synchronize electrophysiology, video, behavioral and other experimental data
  • Specialized run-time features include power meter measurements, photobleaching controls, and experiment timing controls

Detect, Connect, and Go!

The RZ10 autodetect feature and Synapse’s easy drag-and-drop gizmo format means that advanced fiber photometry experiments are just a click away

Setup controls for up to two sites/ three colors with each fiber photometry gizmo

Additional Features

  • Measure light power and signal quality in vitro for each color simultaneously – no more guess work in setup and troubleshooting
  • Calculate online dF/F approximations for each signal with optional signal subtraction for motion artifact correction
  • Cycle LEDs on and off for set durations and repeat intervals using built-in timer controls
  • Minimize patch cable autofluorescence before experiments using built-in photobleaching controls

See the difference for neurophysiology experiment design, data collection, and project management.

Synapse Software

Setup controls for Synapse’s drag-and-drop gizmo fiber photometry experiments measuring light power and signal quality in vitro, up to two sites/ three colors Fiber Photometry gizmo calculates online dF/F approximations for each signal Synapse fiber photometry experiments master control

Power Up and Collect In Vivo Fluorescence Data

The TDT Fiber Photometry gizmo gives you runtime control of light driver parameters including driving frequency and light intensity. It supports multi-channel recordings in several brain areas of a subject or in different subjects.

Raw signals, demodulated data streams, and driver parameters for up to six separate responses can be displayed at runtime and stored for further analysis.

See The Fiber Photometry User Guide for full gizmo setup and details

Simultaneous Electrophysiological Recordings

Record synchronized electrophysiological signals in tandem with fiber photometry with the addition of a PZ5 preamplifier, a suitable headstage and a commutator

  • Data is stored and synchronized in the same data tank
  • Streamlined setup of real-time filtering and signal processing
  • Easy system upgrade path for expansion of recording channels, subject video tracking, or electrical stimulation

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