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Medusa PreAmps

A Powerful Preamplifier in a Compact Package

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The RA4PA offers four channels for researchers doing ABRs or low channel count neurophysiology recordings.  The RA16PA is a sixteen channel version.  As a low cost alternative for researchers requiring lower resolution, the Medusa PreAmps have lower resolution, a lower dynamic range of +/- 4 mV and a higher noise floor compared to TDT’s PZ preamplifiers.

Research Applications

  • Low channel count neurophysiology
  • Auditory research

Medusa User Manual >

RZ6-A-P1 Auditory Processor

RA4LI Low Impedance Headstage

Lower-Count Research, Full Capabilities

Signals are digitized at up to ~25 kHz on the preamplifier and sent over a fiber optic link to a DSP device such as the RZ5 or Medusa base station, where they are filtered and processed in real-time. A standard DB25 input connects the preamp directly to any of TDT’s headstage designs. Multiple preamplifiers can be connected in parallel for higher channel count acquisition.


Preamplifiers are available with either PCM or Sigma-Delta A/Ds. Typical applications use PCM A/Ds to acquire bioelectric signals with minimal delay. Choose Sigma-Delta A/Ds to record near high frequency electric or magnetic noise sources (e.g. eye-coils, wireless motion detectors or touch screens).

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