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RA4LI & RA16LI Headstages

The Ideal Headstage for Evoked Potentials & EMGs

TDT’s low impedance headstages connect directly to our Medusa preamplifiers via a standard 25-pin connector.  The RA4LI is a four-channel version, with  standard 1.5 mm safety connectors for easy, direct connection to electrodes. Ideal for EEG, the RA16LI includes sixteen channels and can be used with the LI-CONN for connection to electrodes.   Both versions include a built-in impedance tester for each channel and the reference.


The RA16LI-D is a 16-channel low impedance headstage, providing differential inputs for each channel, improving common mode rejection on all channels and making it ideal for EMG recordings.  The headstage uses a DB44 input connector.

Research Applications

  • Evoked potentials
  • EMG & EEG recordings
  • Needle electrodes, surface electrodes, & electrode caps

RA-LI User Manual >

RZ6-A-P1 Auditory Processor

A 3 DSP version of the RZ6, with a fiber optic input port for connection to Medusa PreAmps.

RA4PA & RA16PA Medusa PreAmps

TDT's unique preamplifier design in a smaller, lower channel count package.

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