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Electrophysiological recordings:

With the addition of a PZ5 preamplifier, a suitable headstage and a commutator; electrophysiological recordings can be done in tandem with the fiber photometry and behavioral experiments.

  • Data is stored and synchronized in the same data tank.
  • Stimulation can be modulated based on the fiber photometry signal, electrophysiological response, or behavioral response.
  • Neural recordings can be expanded up to 32 channels and the system can easily be upgraded to include video tracking or electrical stimulation.

Fiber Photometry Experiment Gizmos

The TDT Fiber Photometry gizmo gives you runtime control of light driver parameters including driving frequency and light intensity. It supports multi-channel recordings in several brain areas of a subject or in different subjects. Raw signals, demodulated data streams and driver parameters for up to eight separate responses can be displayed at runtime and stored for further analysis. (See Fiber Photometry - RZ5P Processor How-To-Basics training video)


Easily view physiological responses to behavioral events in real-time or in post-analysis, using TDT’s Synapse software.  Sensor input is demodulated using lock-in amplifier processing using Synapse’s ready-made Fiber Photometry  gizmo. Select multiple driver/sensor combinations to extract the levels of specific responses of interest.

More Features

  • Light Driver: To best convert voltage into millamps (to match your LED or laser) and an offset to keep your light source in its linear range
  • Photodetector demodulated signals from each light source
  • The RZ5P has 24 bits of digital I/O  to synchronize Fiber Photometery with 3rd Party devices such as behavorial systems.
  • Add a PZ5 NeuroDigitizer for synchronized electrophysiological recording

See the difference for neurophysiology experiment design, data collection and project management.

Synapse Software >

IZ2 Stimulator

Trigger the stimulator with signals from the RZ in less than a millisecond.

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Capture any potential and artifact without clipping with TDT's multi-modal PZ5.

RV2 Video Tracker

Digital video recording and real-time tracking with video streaming.

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