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Fiber Photometry System

Expand your research capabilities with complete control of all LED driver parameters.

Built around our customers' needs, the RZ5P Fiber Photometry processor gives you complete control of up to four light sources to record and simultaneously collect data from multiple awake, behaving animals or from multiple locations in a single animal.


Easily program experiments with our intuitive Synapse Software. Correlate photometric responses to behavioral states as well as external stimuli such as sound, sight and smell.


The RZ5P has 24 channels of programmable digital input and outputs enabling straightforward communication with most behavioral devices and systems. Analyze the demodulation results received from up to two sensor inputs and stored to disk for offline as well as processed for realtime visualization.  Learn more about the Fiber Photometry Setup.

Complete control for simultaneously collect data from multiple awake, behaving animals or multiple sites on the same animal
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Photometry System Components:

(1) RZ5P Fiber Photometry  Processor

Process and filter acquired signals in real-time.

(1) Synapse Software Suite

Freely control and manipulate your data with our user extensible software.

How easy it is to use the TDT system for multi-Fiber Photometry ?

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  • Add fiber photometry to your current research methods cost-effectively
  • Correlate electrophysiology, video, behavioral and other experimental data
  • Easily grow your experiments with TDT’s S3 family of products

Fiber Photometry Gizmo >

Learn about Synapse >

Fiber Photometry - RZ5P Processor

Complete set-up to record walk through of your first experiment, using the Synapse Fiber Photometry gizmo and TDT recording system.

The Fiber Photometry gizmo records raw signals, demodulated data streams and driver parameters for up to eight separate responses that can be displayed at runtime and stored for further analysis.

Fiber Photometry Experiment Gizmos

Fiber Photometry Setup:

Connect & Turn On RZ5P

  • Connect Sensors & Drivers and turn on RZ5P Fiber Photometry Processor with Synapse Software.


The RZ5 platform features two or three ultra fast digital signal processors for optimal perfomance. Since Synapse will be handling your digital signal processor (DSP) details, like assigning tasks to the DSP and distributing tasks evenly, you only need to worry about higher level functions like organizing multiple experiments across numerous subjects and various lab members.


Drop & Go Synapse Gizmo

  • To make your life easier, Fiber Photometry has been encapsulated in a single gizmo, found under the neural group in the gizmo list.


Once Synapse is running and has  automatically detected your TDT hardware, the experiment is ready to go. Those familiar with Synapse Software can utilize the full S3 Hardware potential and tailor options to what's relevant to your rig's configuration.


Press Record: begin collecting and visualizing real-time data on fiber photometric responses from awake behaving animal research.

Step 3: Press Record

  • Just like that, begin collecting and visualizing real-time data on fiber photometric responses.


Now, easily integrate video recording, behavioral control, electrophysiology recordings, and electrical and optogenetic stimulation. Any combination of these modalities can be run simultaneously, and with these results you can further bolster your hypotheses for your research.


Fiber Photometry research simultaneous acquisition with Optogenetics and Electrophysiology


Finally, high performance processor meets maximum flexibility.

Joining the family of TDT’s proven System 3 (S3) hardware platform, the RZ5P best maximizes simultaneous acquisition of related research, like Electrophysiology and Optogenetics. As our customers have continued to grow with our real-time processing instruments to expand their research into Optogenetics and Electrophysiology, Fiber Photometry becoming increasingly in-demand.


Our R&D team collaborated closely with leading labs in fiber photometry, including exceptional assistance from Dr. Thomas J. Davidson at the University of California San Francisco.  Consequently, the RZ5P was designed to deliver the highest quality photometric data with a focus on ease of use.


With the PZ5 it is easy to add a Bioamp for electrophysiology

With the PZ5 NeuroDigitizer and the RZ5P: Fiber Photometry Processor, you can acquire real-time digitized signals for electrophysiology.


With Synapse Software, you can create dynamic experiments that change based on the animal’s behavior or physiological response. Based on these responses, the user will be able to trigger behavioral devices, or trigger or modulate optogenetic, electrical, or sensory stimulators.

Acquire real-time electrophysiology, with the PZ5 NeuroDigitizer and the RZ5P: Fiber Photometry Processor

PZ5 NeuroDigitizer >

Track your awake behaving subject and sync video recordings.

For synchronized video and real-time tracking, consider the RV2 Video Processor. Video is automatically saved alongside the fiber photometry data, and is automatically played back synchronized.


The Synapse Software supports up to two USB cameras, for easy integration of general behavior observation and recording.

RV2 Video Processor >

Full control of up to four inputs and four outputs

These valuable tools for optogenetic research will have your lab working at peak efficiency. You’ll collect more data and grow your research. The RZ5P has 24 channels of digital I/O, four +/-10V inputs and four +/-10V out, allowing it to directly control or communicate with the majority of behavioral devices on the market. The TDT system has unmatched temporal precision with as little as 10 microseconds jitter.

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