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iR5 IR Driver Interface

The iR5 is a specialized interface for up to five infrared sensor beams. This module has built-in power and logical connections to drive external IR sensors and sends TTL events whenever the subject crosses the beam, without the need for any external signal processing.

  • Manual trigger buttons for each IR port simplify testing and debugging
  • Status lights for each IR beam monitor subject movement during sessions.

See the Hardware Manual for information on iR5 technical specifications.

iR5 Options

iR5 Interface

Click on a port to enable it. Set the Name of the port to something that makes sense for your experiment, e.g. 'NosePoke'.

iR5 Input Options

All iR5 inputs go through a logical input processor. See Logic Input Processor for more details.

After you define a port, you can modify it or move it by right-clicking on the port.

iR5 Context Menu

The IR Power setting lets you set the IR Drive Power (1 to 8).

iR5 Power Setting