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iH10 High Voltage Interface

The iH10 features 10 bidirectional interface ports to provide direct control of high-voltage (e.g. 28 V signal) cage elements including Med Associates and Lafayette.

  • The ports are configurable in Synapse as either inputs or outputs
  • Manual trigger buttons simplify testing and debugging of connected behavioral components
  • Status lights make it easy to monitor component activity during sessions

See the Hardware Manual for information on iH10 technical specifications.

iH10 Options

iH10 Interface

Click on a port to enable it as an input or output. Set the Name of the port to something that makes sense for your experiment, e.g. 'NosePoke'.

iH10 Input Options

All iH10 inputs go through a logical input processor. See Logic Input Processor for more details.

iH10 Output Options

All iH10 outputs go through a logical output processor. See Logic Output Processor for more details.

After you define a port, you can modify it or move it by right-clicking on the port.

iH10 Context Menu